Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A thought on religion

I was talking to one of my friends today who brought up a pretty good point. Ok, so to get started off. The bible says that you will not get into heaven because of fear of death. If this is true then that means that there are not any true christians in this world.

If this were honestly true, and people really do believe that there is something after this life, why wouldn't take more risks in life? Why not go 1000 miles per hour when driving from place to place if you are absolutely certain about what is after your death? If you really believe that there is an afterlife why even care about anything when you could just live after death. Its to much for most people to handle that after they die that they will not exist anymore, they will not wake up in the morning and get to feel the warm shower followed by the aroma of coffee. Simple things in life.

Just a thought, if you have any questions on rebuttals, feel free to share.


  1. You raise a good point there.
    Come check me out =)

  2. True bro this reminds me of a quote I once saw saying "We avoid risks in life to make it to death safely" ! Followed

  3. The only life after death scenario that appeals to me is reincarnation...

    I'd love to come back as some strange animal :D


  4. I'm an atheist. So I never want to die.

  5. Real talk, man. Some people need that shit to get by. But, you're right, the only reason people are really christian and (claim they, lol) abstain from fun things like sex, partying, or whatever is because of fear of death. Nobody does it because of the love of God or the bible, because none of that shit makes any sense anyways. Good post.